Transformative learning

Want to go beyond intention to change? Our learning programs are about changing mindsets and bringing people to a place where they make informed choices and take ownership for their growth journeys.

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Train the trainer & Certifications

Want to roll out the trainings by yourself within your organization or for your clients? Become the expert! Get certified on using our proven training methodologies, materials and assessments.

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How we train

Development too often becomes a tick the box exercise. At Zest for Work, we do not tick boxes…

  1. We create an environment where people can be authentic and open to learn
  2. We make the latest science and knowledge easy to digest
  3. We hold up mirrors, open eyes and let people face reality
  4. We allow time for processing “what does this mean to me personally?”
  5. We let people take a value based decisions to take action and initiate change
  6. We look into what gets in the way and build strategies to sustain long lasting behaviour
  7. We work with highly skilled international facilitators with background in both business and people development


All programs can be run online with the same human touch!

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Training with Zest

Career Self-Management

Workshops to build a strong professional identity and learn how to self-steer careers in today’s world so people remain employable and engaged at work.

Energy Management

Action learning to manage and optimize personal energy and resilience. Proven approach to enable sustainable performance, health, and fulfillment.

Mutual conversations

Interactive sessions to develop equal, open and balanced dialogues where personal development, wellbeing and business success go hand in hand.

Adaptability is our key strength

  • We can tailor our content to your cultural or organizational needs
  • Our programs are also available in an online version that combines virtual classrooms with a digital learning platform
  • We can and roll out our programs in several languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Italian and Russian
  • We offer administrative support: simply choose the level of support you need!
  • While we love adaptation we keep a focus on overall quality while doing so
  • Our online platfom can be fully branded to your Company

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