COVID 19 made all live training come to a screeching halt, but technology has been a key enabler to keeping training alive. When companies adopt an effective blended learning approach you can remain efficient and deliver even greater learning experiences during this ever-changing and increasingly complex time.  

So, What is Blended Learning?  

In simple terms, blended learning is a combined approach to learning, where the student experiences a combination of self-paced learning online, with face-to-face sessions in between. In our packed work schedules, prioritizing learning has been a challenge and so a blended approach is more effective as it creates more learning bite over a longer period of time allowing deeper learning and easier prioritization. Essential to success is the design where the learning should be short and easy to include in a busy workweek and the face-to-face online sessions need to encourage engagement, interaction, networking, genuine learning, and reflection. 

At Zest, we had to welcome new approaches to how we deliver our content when our live classes became impossible. Luckily, we have an educational designer in our team to help transition. Together we had to embrace blended learning which has been an unexpected journey full of possibility and successful learning experiences of our own.We decided to use LearningStone for our technology needs, who have written a great blog overviewing our journey with them as they helped us transition into this new territory.  


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