What is your career deal today?

The dynamics in the work field change. Careers today are dynamic and individual needs more important. At the same time, skills needed are rapidly changing and we all need to work longer.
What is your career strategy in this turbulent environment and what is the career deal your organization is ready to offer?
Starting from the latest research on career development and motivation, the goal of our HR Think Tank is to take a step back, identify where you stand and define how to reshape your talent strategy to in a future proof way to sustain your workforce performance, engagement and wellbeing.

We offer two versions:

  • The HR version – 1 day – is meant for HR Team members: Business Partners, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development.
  • The Leadership version – 4 hours – is meant for Management or Leadership teams.

We bring insights, you do the work!

We help you digest the latest science on contemporary careers and define your first steps to create a future proof talent and career vision for your organization.

After the session your team will:

  • Be up to date on the latest research on sustainable careers:
    • career models, traditional and contemporary views
    • career values and motivators
    • career management skills
    • energy and resilience
  • Understand the tensions and challenges that come with a contemporary approach to career development
  • Digest your organizations biggest painpoints and challenges in this changes landscape
  • Identify opportunities for adjustments in their talent management practices
  • Identify gaps and resources you can offer your employees

Annette Zweerman | PwC | Human Capital | Career development

“We organise HR Think tank sessions to reinforce and strengthen the mindset of our HR team towards contemporary careers and to start identifying how that will affect our processes. Yvon is passionate about the topic and passes her energy on to others.”



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