Yvon Golbach & Caroline Thomas Founder and partner @ ZestForWork

Mutually thrive in the new world of work

We advise HR, Occupational Health professionals and their leadership teams on contemporary talent management and employee health and wellbeing.

We believe in a more holistic, individualized, and mutual approach to talent management:

  • Taking a whole person approach: mental health or wellbeing at work means thriving physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially, both at work and at home.
  • Enabling individualized and self-steered career and development paths: everyone is unique and have their subjective view of what of success looks like.
  • Fostering true mutually beneficial work relations. Loyalty can’t be bought but is earned through investing equally and strive for both personal and business success.
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Assess and transform your workforce development practices

Partnering with Zest

  • We bring expertise on latest science on sustainable careers, motivation, energy and wellbeing.
  • We shake current perspectives at all organizational levels and open minds to the new reality of work.
  • We use evidence-based models and analytics.
  • We create a common language on careers, energy, motivation, and mutual success.
    We put mutuality and self-management at the heart of your Business.
  • We transform your workplace in one full of zest; where your people work with great anticipation, enthusiasm, and energy to bring your business forward!
  • We deepen your internal dialogues, so they talk about what really matters!

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