Lars Veerhoff

Datanerd ande ducationalist with a passion for Motivation

Lars is affiliated with Zest for Work as an educational and motivational specialist. He deals with questionnaire development and data analysis. He has been working in various educational institutions for more than 15 years. During these years he has developed from executing, to directing, to investigating and guiding. Nowadays he is involved in educational research and guiding educational professionals in transitions that changing environments demands from them. The individual norms, values and beliefs of individuals are the starting point of the conversation.

Within Zest for Work, he brings his years of knowledge of learning and expertise in the field of motivation (SDT) and research to support our team in the development of new learning methods based on an evidence-based concept. This is what he also likes to do most; finding evidence to properly interpret the human story behind it. This requires interaction and a good translation of the most recent scientific insights into learning and the development hereof into a practical and effective concept. Support and mutual trust are key concepts for making developments sustainable.