Tom Spittaels


Tom is a charismatic and passionate trainer-coach, skilled in development and motivation of people and building powerful and driven teams.

Forging a group of people into an effective and enthusiastic team is what gives him energy and will never bore him.

Sustainable, effective collaboration can be a real challenge, especially when the interests are high and characters differ.

In a successful team, all forces work in the same direction in a functional way. To make a real difference, the team members must be willing to give their best energy to the team with full dedication. This is only possible if they are convinced that energy from the team will flow back to themselves. Finally, an important key to strengthening the team is to strengthen the various members. A team must therefore be a place where individual and personal growth is fully made possible, stimulated and valued.

Within Zest for Work, Tom brings an extensive experience through a combined career of 15 years volleyball coahing of an A league team, Corporate Athlete energy management training in business and a 20-year active career in the business world. In addition, he individually coached a varied group of sport- and business professionals.