Mark Teijgeler

Trainer I Mindfulness expert

Mark Teijgeler is a business economist, former investment banker, former top wind surfer, mindfulness and meditation trainer, personal energy management trainer, peak performance coach and author of the book ABC van Meditatie. After his studies Business Economics Mark has worked in the hectic dealing rooms of ABN AMRO and NIBC for six years. In 2004 he decided to turn his work into his passion and founded his company ABC van Meditatie. Since then he has given meditation- and mindfulness courses to many companies and thousands of students. In March 2015, Mark published his first book ABC of Meditation. Marks style is “down to earth”, airy, professional and passionate. His hobbies are traveling, windsurfing, wave surfing and standup paddle surfing (SUP), playing the piano, snowboarding and yoga. Since 2013, Mark has been regularly active as Energy for Performance (E4P) coach and facilitator for Johnson & Johnson in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Trainees in the Energy Management training courses learn to better manage their energy and to increase and more consciously spend their energy and attention. The goal is to be able to function and perform in a more involved way without sacrificing their health and well-being. Currently working Mark on his second book De Examenatleet.