The labor market is constantly changing, and this brings major consequences for organisations and employees. Sustainable employability requires people to take a firm course of their own and become self-managing in their career and development.

In this reality, careers can no longer be managed by HR

We guide organisations and employees in this transition towards sustainable employability, aimed at self-management, mobility, adaptability and growth. We use scientific insights into contemporary careers and the innovative evidence-based analytics of TalentLogiQs, a spin-off from the University of Antwerp. Together we build solution to have proven impact in organisation and help them to transition into the new world of work

Sustainable employability today focuses on:

Mutual beneficial work relations
A strong individual career identity
Self-management & growth
Enough career energy


We offer training and workshops that help employees become self-managing in their careers, so that they remain employable with suitable energy. Participants in our workshops give us 5-star assessments on our commitment and expertise.


We work one-on-one on career and performance related themes to ensure individuals do better in their jobs, or to support their movement elsewhere. We teach employees valuable insights about themselves, their aspirations and help them become self-managing.

HR advice

We guide organisations in solving HR issues related to sustainable employability. This can be in terms of person-organisation fit, career competencies, self-management and mobility. This is supported by validated HR analytics tooling around contemporary career and talent management through our partnership with TalentLogiQs and the University of Antwerp.

“Zest – The courage to live with zeal, vitality, enthusiasm, and vigor”