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Work and career coaching

We work one-on-one to prepare individuals to better identify their existing career strengths and paths, and chart subsequent career steps in the career. We teach your employees valuable insights about themselves, their aspirations and their careers, and help them become self-managing so that they remain employable with energy and motivation.

Work & Career coaching revolves around 4 themes:

  • Clarity about yourself. Who are you as a person, what drives you, which values ​​are important, what kind of life do you want to lead and how does work fit into this?
  • Clarity about work content and context. What activities give you energy, what are you good at, and what is your work experience?
  • Which competencies, talents and skills do you have already and what do you still need to develop?
  • Knowing what you want is still something very different than getting what you want. This step revolves around the skills that are needed today to manage your own career and become self-managing.

All our coaching processes include the Career Fitness Profiler from CareerCoach® as a starting point and focus on the development of awareness about subjective career values, self-management and energy in your work.

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