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Energy for life Training



  • 4 ONLINE video sessions of 2 hours over a 2-3 week period
  • access to the online learning environment for inbetween activities
  • online coaching and support 
  • max 12 participants per group
  • same excellent feedback as the face to face course
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Do you have the enery for the things that matter most?

The energy of your employees is crucial for the growth and innovation of your company. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your employees feel good and have sufficient energy so that they can perform optimally.

“Work and life are more fun when you’re at your best”

The alarming figures regarding burnout and other stress-related illnesses show how essential it has become to manage our personal energy. The training is designed for companies that want to support their employees to actively manage their own energy and – in these demanding times – get the best out of themselves every day.


  • Based on the original Corporate Athlete training of the Human Performance Institute (HPI).
  • All trainers certified and educated at HPI
  • Proven impact on performance, retention and well-being
  • Combination of knowledge, personal reflection, experience and an active change process
  • Available as 1-day, 2-day, Keynote or 5-day intensive leadership journey
  • Available in 9 European languages and Russian


After the training

  • Participants understand that personal energy management requires a 4 dimensional approach (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • Participants know what they find important in life and what gives them energy
  • Participants know what they need to stay happy, healthy, and productive
  • Participants understand what energy, resilience, stress and recovery means in daily practice
  • Participants can reflect on their personal challenges and energy balance – and make conscious choices in the process
  • Participants show personal leadership and have a clear and detailed action plan to work proactively with their own energy


Why work with us? Excellent feedback and proven impact!

Johnson & Johnson reported a significant difference in performance, promotion and retention measured in a study of > 5.000 employees. This resulted in a $60 million onboarding cost savings on 30.000 trained employees [1] 

Published in the American Journal of Health Promotion (2018) [2] the 2.5 day course improves

  1. Purpose in life, an important component of wellbeing
  2. Sleep and energy levels
  3. Sense of health and wellbeing

Satisfied participants

Our customers show high satisfaction scores after their energy management training.

  • 87% of the employees found the course to be extraordinarily to highly relevant for both work and private life
  • 93% of the employees expect a significant potential gain in productivity
  • 99% of the employees indicated probable to very probable life changes based on the training
  • 98% of the employees believed that others could benefit from attending the training
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[1] Alec Munc, PhD, Adam Myer, PhD (2016) Energy for Performance®: Evaluation of Course Impact with Johnson & Johnson Employees.

[2] Das, S.K.., Mason, S., Vail, T., et al. (2018). Effectiveness of an Energy Management Training Course on Employee Well-Being: A Randomized Controlled Trial. American Journal of  Health Promotion7. https://doi.org/10.1177/0890117118776875