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Certification training for Career Fitness Profiler

The Career Fitness Profiler is a powerful HR analytical instrument to facilitate different HR processes

Its used in HR processes such as onboarding, talent management, career guidance, coaching, employee mobility and the development of career competencies. The separate sub-reports can be used for organisation samples and as an HR analytic tool.

The questionnaire has been scientifically validated at the University of Antwerp by Dr. Wouter Van Bockhaven and Prof. dr. Dr. Jesse Segers (Rector SIOO). In collaboration with workforce optimisation expert Thalento®, it received a market-leading user experience score.

The Career Fitness Profiler reports will guide actions that have an impact on the success of both employer and employee.

What is it used for?

The Career Fitness Profiler is requested for:

  •     Career dialogues with talented people
  •     Guidance and empowerment of employee mobility
  •     Individual or group outplacement programmes
  •     Coaching of young talent in the development of a crystallised career vision
  •     Coaching people at a crossroads in their career from a value-driven perspective
  •     Intrinsic reintegration of senior populations with their career goals
  •     Hiring new employees, taking into account organisational fit 
  •     Balancing the interests of the organisation with those of the employees
  •     The timely detection of energy loss and sudden stress-related diseases

If you want to find our more detailed info, you can read it here.

Click here to download a example report of the Career Fitness Profiler. Please contact us for a free login

After this certification training:

  • You have a broader perspective on contemporary career management and how contemporary careers differ from the more traditional careers;
  • You have a clearer picture of how talent and career guidance practices can be tailored to current challenges; 
  • You know how the frameworks and scientific models underlie Career Fitness Profiler and how to interpret them;
  • You can give feedback to the respondent or client based on the Career Fitness Profiler;
  • You have development tips at your disposal for your coachees and
    You know how to use the Career Fitness Profiler in your daily practice

For whom?

Career, personal, life & executive coaches who are looking for a scientifically based tool that offers depth, insight and structure in the early stages of a coaching trajectory that is focused on orientation and mapping development points.

Professionals in outplacement who are not only interested in finding a new job for their customers, but also want to give them self-insight, direction and tools in their personal development.

HR specialists who are looking for an analytical solution for internal change, mobility and employability that goes beyond engagement surveys — a solution that provides action. 

Recruiters who want to integrate the personal perspective on the career in assessments and assessment reports.


Three days including exam, plus homework assignments

Day 1

    Changing career context

    Traditional versus contemporary careers

    Subjective career success: theory + exercises

    Career attitudes: theory + exercises

    Energy stress balance: theory + exercises

Day 2

    Career Fitness Metrics

    Exercises with interpretation

    Validity and reliability

    Exercises on feedback

   How to use the Career Fitness Profiler in daily practice

Day 3

    Responding to questions prepared by the participants

    Certification test (2 hours)

Price; € 2700 ex VAT

We provide this training both in-company for HR professionals and career coaches, and on open registration.

The dates for the English certification training in 2020 are now available:

Day 1: 19th March

Day 2: 26th March

Day 3: 4th June (Certification)