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Career discovery for managers

Leaders must help facilitate the empowerment of employees to take charge over their careers. It is increasingly important that employees have insight into their talents and what personal career success means to them. 


The CareerDiscovery workshop is based on the latest scientific reference frameworks around contemporary career models. These models focus on self-management and subjective career success, thereby promoting the self-management of participants. The workshop asks the “deeper system questions” and in this way makes participants aware of the tensions that exist within themselves and in the wider employment system. 

  • Insight into what this new work reality requires of you and your people
  • Knowledge of your own career-guiding competences
  • Effectively coach and facilitate the career and career issues of your employees
  • We also measure the career competencies for all managers through the CareerCoach® attitude report so that they also leave with personalised information and tips.


The workshop allows the participants to investigate:

  • How the career landscape has changed in the last 50 years, how they relate to changing career models and where they feel the tension between the models in themselves and in the organization as a leader.
  • What the role of both the organization, the manager and the individual is in the current VUCA work world.
  • How they see their own career and what drives and motivates them.
  • What their personal self-directed career attitudes are and what they can do themselves to further develop these skills. (Each participant will receive the CareerCoach® attitude report in the workshop with his personal attitudes and a workbook with exercises that support the development of career attitudes).
  • Insight into what their own organization offers employees with regard to career development and sustainable employability.
  • How they can coach their employees as career leaders on career issues and the development of career attitudes.



After the workshop managers understand:

  • A mental framework has been created around new careers and self-managing career attitudes
  • Tensions both internal and external of old and new conceptual frameworks have been investigated
  • Managers have thought about their own career motivators and what give them energy at work
  • First awareness of career attitudes have been created and participants have received their own report and development points
  • Managers have investigated and shared the various options for developing self-directed career skills and thought about how to develop their employees on this theme
  • Participants have noted concrete action points for themselves
  • Broader links were made with internal offerings about career development within the organisation
  • Managers have insight into how they can use career attitudes to coach their employees in a self-directing career competentes

Time invested

This interactive workshop lasts: 3.5hours. A minimum of 12 participants is advised, up to a maximum of 20.