About us

Nowadays, success is personal: it’s different for everyone. ZEST FOR WORK‘s mission is to create work environments in which personal and business success go hand in hand. In which individuals take their careers into their own hands. In which the focus is on healthy, equal working relationships between
employee and manager.

We help your people excel in the current work context, without compromising their productivity, employability and long-term vitality. They are happy, you are happy. It’s as simple as that.

We achieve all this with a network of highly qualified trainers and advisors. Our experts have years of experience and offer innovative and scientifically based workshops, coaching and advice.

Read more about ZEST FOR WORK’s founder, Yvon Golbach, here.

ZEST FOR WORK cares about the customers. About you. We know you’re busy too, which is why we’re flexible and glad to take care of you. We are transparent, dare to discuss difficult themes and, with humor and a touch of zest, we make sure that change is actually fun. We work evidence based and only use concepts we strongly believe in.

ZEST literally means: enthusiasm, eagerness, energy. That’s what we stand for. We are personally involved in what we do, do not shy away from a challenge and want to ignite you with our positive energy.

(watch the video for a short introduction to Zest for Work and one of our workshops on career self-management)

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