human potential

In today’s world, where investing in technology is inevitable to grow and stay competitive, investing in your people by building an engaged, employable and future-fit workforce will ultimately determine your success. 

People today work longer than ever, technology is rapidly replacing human skills, and change is constant; all will determine the success of your organisation more than just how much you invest in AI. 

How we do it

We are experts in developing people and making your organisation ready for the future of work. We support your employees in this transition, and help them thrive and excel in today’s high-stress environments while ensuring their long-term health and happiness. We help organisations solve HR issues related to human performance, sustainable employability, mobility, self-management, vitality, and burnout. All crucial for a future-fit and sustainable high-performing, agile and engaged workforce.

Work-Life integration

Work-life balance? The term does not exist for us at Zest. A person has only one life and their work is an integrated part of it. But how do you keep the right balance in a world where everyone and everything demands your attention?

Sustainable employability

The world of work has changed and so have careers. Sustainable employability requires that people develop a strong career vision and become self-managing in their careers. While governments, businesses and employees are all in transition, ensuring employability for the future has become a key driver in career planning.

What we do

Through training, coaching and HR support we upskill your and your employees, create common language and increase proactivity and self-steering. We have a truly human centered and evidence based approach, firmly grounded in positive psychology and contemporary career management.


Upskill yourself or train your employees so they are ready to thrive in the future of work? Participants provide 5-star assessments on our commitment and expertise.


Individual needs require individual attention. We combine deep expertise with the highest quality coaching.

HR advice

Looking for an expert? We offer 2nd line, data-driven consultancy for HR. We are a catalyst to attract keep and manage human capital in the 4th digital revolution.

Who we work with

"Zest for Work has very strong content and expertise about career development, as well as great facilitation and coaching skills! Their workshops helped the internal organizational mobility and fostered employee engagement."

Caroline Thomas – Senior Talent and Development Manager – Actelion

"Due to The Career Fitness Profiler and Career Discovery Workshops our employees, managers and HR collaborators started engaging in a dialogue concerning contemporary careers, connecting people and raising awareness!""

Hilde Willems – Talent Fit Manager – Janssen Pharmaceutica

"Our coaches say that the Career Fitness Profiler allows them to have more in-depth sessions with their trainees and make them more conscious of the contemporary career context."

Luc Vermeulen – Talent Development Manager – Ormit

Zest – The courage to live with zeal, vitality, enthusiasm, and vigor”