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Cause 21st century living requires us to surf the waves!

Careers today asks for a Dynamic Person-Career Fit over time & continuous alignment between individual and organization to ensure sustainable success. The Work & Life Navigator program helps individuals to craft a personal work(life) development plan and help to understand what it takes to surf the 21st century waves.

The Work & Life Navigator is an ideal kickstart for anyone that juggles work & life.


Unique approach

  • Participants will navigate in an interactive and metaphoric way through three territories.
  • Using visual vocabulary, they will identify what requires their attention or personal development to craft a sustainable career. The content is based on the latest science on contemporary careers.


Navigation territories

  • Discover yourself
  • Understanding Disruption
  • Identify your Superpowers

There are 2 versions of the Work & Life Navigator:

  • A 3-hour classroom session
  • 2 Blended learning sessions of 90 min each


Learning objectives

After this creative workshop participants:

  • Understand what self-insights, attitudes and skills are needed to stay motivated, energized and productive​ in todays world
  • Understand how our work-lives are disrupted and how that requires a different approach
  • Assess where they stand personally on each of these elements
  • Identify the personalized development steps they need to thrive in the long run

This program is in the testing phase. Join our pilot group today!

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