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Career conversations organizations need and employees want

Survey after survey, employees express their dissatisfaction with how their Company support their development and career. In parallel, managers across regions and industries show high levels of discomfort, and lack of competence and confidence to conduct career conversations with their staff… What’s happening here?
Nowadays, careers cannot be managed by the organization anymore and should be owned and managed by your employees. This shifts the traditional career conversation to a more equal and mutual dialogue where both parties (employee-manager) discuss how to add value to each other and what is needed to keep doing so. They focus on creating win-wins for both parties and don’t shy away from being transparent when needed. We equip both your employees and managers for career conversations 4.0. so they have the right mindset, attitudes and skills to conduct constructive and open dialogue that addresses both organizational and individual needs.

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After the training

  • Participants open their eyes on the paradigms shift in the work and career landscape and the consequences in employee-employer relationship
  • They have reframed career development in such a way that the ownership rests with the employee and the organization is there to support and facilitate where possible
  • They understand the respective roles in the conversation and associated skills
  • Managers feel confident to engage in the conversation with a curious and open mindset
  • Managers are ready to prompt, share or explore motivations, career adaptability, and balance
  • Managers can champion and challenge employees and inspire them to take action
  • Employees feel empowered and accountable to focus on their employability and career goals


  • Based on the latest scientific reference frameworks around contemporary career models focusing on self-management and subjective career success
  • Using all proven coaching techniques: open questioning, active listening and sensing
  • Practical and interactive
  • Available formats: classroom workshop (1,5-day for Managers, ½ day for Employees) / Online blended program for Managers with 3 times 3-hour webinars blended with online work
  • Can be rolled out as an add-on or follow-up to the Career Fit Stop.

Adriaan de Wilde | Participant, Career Conversations Workshop

“This course has helped me to have more confident career development discussions with my direct reports.”

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Liselotte Meijler | Participant, Career Conversations Workshop

“The Career Conversations workshop is a powerfultool” to gain more awareness and ownership of the different roles you have as a leader, how they interact and how they work together. It made me feel more strengthened and more knowledgeable. It showed my pitfalls and the tools how to work with them.”

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