Balancing stress and recovery. Don’t let them go in the red zone!

We teach employees and managers how to recognize early stress signals, and how to respond effectively to them.
Stress can actually be helpful in certain situations, and used to help growth and development when managed effectively. All stress signals can be linked to emotions and bodily senses, and building awareness around this is key to effectively start working with stressors or make adjustments where necessary.

Employees will gain awareness on their own limits and needs. They will have a self-care strategy to avoid critical situations. In the managerial version, we explain how you recognise these same signals in your employees, and you learn how to respond effectively to them. What are the do’s and don’ts of employees who are in the risk zone?
This workshop is normally 4 hours, but can be shortened or extended as needed.

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Psychological Capital

PsyCap is a very well studied conceptual framework out of positive psychology that goes beyond “what and who you know” and is concerned with “who you are capable of becoming” in the future.
It includes four different resources of which the total output is greater than the sum of the individual parts:

  • Hope, (self-) Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism (the HERO within)

High psychological capital is demonstrated to lead to better employee performance, job satisfaction, problem solving and well-being, amongst a lot of other benefits.

(Avolio & Luthans, 2006, Luthans et al, 2004, Luthans & Youssef, 2017)

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