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Do your employees have sustainable energy to focus on the things that matter?
You know wellbeing is important but lack the foundation and knowledge on how to move towards an integrated health and wellbeing strategy that moves beyond free fruit and a yoga class?

  • We offer webinars or lunch and learn formats for large groups, or deep dive sessions for groups of up to 16 people
  • This program is available both in-company – for HR professionals and career coaches – as well as on open registration

We help you digest the latest science on workplace wellbeing and identify first steps toward a strategy for your organization.
Join us to learn from latest research on:

  • Energy and resilience
  • Positive psychology
  • Sleep, Mindfulness, and Recovery
  • Psychological capital
    Behavioral science
  • Occupational health and wellbeing
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Why investing in health and wellbeing?

Helping employees become better versions of themselves, isn’t that just the happy people version of ‘green washing’? Shouldn’t work be about work and achieving business results? Yes, it should and as investing in workplace wellbeing might sound soft and fluffy, the empirical research shows that wellbeing is a prerequisite for sustaining success in people and their workplaces, and not simply a benefit or byproduct. Greater employee wellbeing leads to workplace engagement, which increases productivity, resulting in better business outcomes and profit.

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