What is workplace wellbeing
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Do YOU have the energy for the things that matter most?

Human energy is the most critical resource businesses have. But in today’s 24/7 environment, the constant pressure to perform means organizations are asking more of their employees than ever before. Alarming figures relating to stress-related diseases and mental health show how essential it has become to learn how to manage our personal energy.

Highly energized and resilient Employees have usually made conscious choices to invest in learning and implementing necessary skills to sustain and recover their energy levels effectively. Based on over 30 years of performance science, this training helps individuals to actively manage their own energy, become more resilient, and bring their best self to work every day.

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  • Based on >30 years of performance science and the latest insight into physical, mental, and digital wellbeing, neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavior change
  • Excellent facilitators that have all been certified and trained at the Human Performance Institute
  • Proven impact on performance, retention, and well-being
  • Combination of knowledge, personal reflection, experience and an active change process
  • Available as a 2 month online learning journey or face to face as keynote, 1-day, 2-day, or 5-day intensive leadership journey
  • Available in 9 European languages and Russian

“Work and life are more fun when you’re at your best”

After the training, participants can:

  • Be their best personally and professionally
  • Articulate what they find most important in life and what gives them energy
  • Manage their personal energy – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Manage their personal energy, reflect on their personal challenges and energy balance – and make conscious choices to redirect their energy
  • Build strategies to improve your performance, health and happiness

Proven impact

Johnson & Johnson reported a $60 million onboarding cost savings on 30.000 trained employees [1]. A study of > 5000 employees showed a significant difference in performance, promotion and retention.

In the American Journal of Health Promotion [2], the 2.5 day HPI training reported proven improvements on:

  1. Purpose = an important component of wellbeing
  2. Sleep and energy levels
  3. Experienced health and wellbeing of participants

Satisfied participants

  • 87% of the employees found the course to be extraordinarily to highly relevant for both work and private life
  • 93% of the employees expect a significant potential gain in productivity
  • 99% of the employees indicated probable to very probable life changes based on the training
  • 98% of the employees believed that others could benefit from attending the training

[1] Alec Munc, PhD, Adam Myer, PhD (2016) Energy for Performance®: Evaluation of Course Impact with Johnson & Johnson Employees.
[2] Das, S.K.., Mason, S., Vail, T., et al. (2018). Effectiveness of an Energy Management Training Course on Employee Well-Being: A Randomized Controlled Trial. American Journal of Health Promotion7.

Energy for Life results at a global FMCG company

  • Immediate positive behaviour changes were reported by 77% of the participants.
  • Energy supports engagement! Participants with sufficient energy are more likely to be engaged at work and up to 3 times more likely to stay with their company.
  • Energized managers tend to lead more energized and engaged teams.


Study results demonstrated in the picture on the right of Energy for life Data collected between March 2019 and January 2022. (N=1715 p<0.5.).

Results sustained both 6 months and 1 year later!

Energy for Life digital learning journey

The virtual version of the Energy for Life course is now available in our online learning environment, covering the same topics as the live courses over a 2-month journey.

  • 4 weekly online sessions of 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Lots of 1-1 conversations and group discussions to process content
  • Amazing micro-learning activities offered to deepen your experience
  • Additional resources with amazing videos, articles, and podcasts for those who like to dive deeper
  • A buddy system and a follow up session to track your progress and offer help where needed

The virtual Energy for Life provides employees a safe and supportive environment that allows them to take a step back, process, reflect and make adjustments needed to sustain their energy. Especially helpful in the current COVID 19 pandemic!

Andres Simar | Participant Energy Management 2 Day version

“Energy Management training has been one of the best experiences I can remember. Thanks to my employer Johnson & Johnson, I had this great opportunity to meet Yvon and Mark, kicking off a significant improvement in my lifestyle.”

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Janey Hood

Janey Hood | Virtual Energy for Life Course

“Not just another course for work, a course for life !”

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