Train others to sustain their energy levels to focus and perform optimally

Human energy is the most critical resource businesses have.
But in today’s 24/7 environment, the constant stream of information and pressure to perform means organizations are asking more of their employees than ever before. The problem is that without the right training, the demands on employees’ energy inevitably exceed capacity, resulting in suboptimal performance, disengagement, health issues, and poor work-life balance.

We select and train trainers to deliver our highly impactful program “Energy For Life” based on over 30 years of performance science.


After an intense learning and practive journey, they get ready to train others on how to actively manage their own energy and bring their best self to work every day! To do so, they must be able to communicate the training key learning points effectively while inspiring participants to consider behavioral changes that can maximize their energy.

  • We deliver this program either inhouse within your company – so we train your own trainers
  • We are also training our own Zest trainers and are always looking for the right candidates to expand our international team (check our partner up page for selection criteria)
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Steps to certify trainers

  • STEP 1 Interview with a master coach to discuss requirements, motivation, development steps and expectations
  • STEP 2 Candidate Presentation: in-person or video presentation; candidate presents content of choice for 5-10 minutes
  • STEP 3: Attend a 3-day Train-the-Trainer to learn content, facilitation and operating practices / Attend a 2-day teach-back to deliver assigned modules with intensive, immediate feedback
  • STEP 4 Coach Practicum: A 2-6 month partnership between a Master Coach and the Coach Candidate with a minimum of 2 facilitation sessions.

Required skills and experience

  • A minimum of a BA/BS degree is required
  • Preferred educational background: Trained and certified as a fitness professional and/or hold a specialized degree in Nutrition or a Movement related field and/or Certified coach (preferably through ICF) with a psychology education or solid HR background
  • A minimum of 5 years of corporate work experience is preferred
  • Facilitation and training experience with diverse groups at different levels of the organization
  • Experience with senior level executives and a demonstrated knowledge of the dynamics of change are a must.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Great energy and passion for healthy lifestyle habits

Certification requirements

  • Demonstrate high vitality and energy levels as facilitator
  • Demonstrate excellent speaking and facilitating skills both online and face to face
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the different dimensions of energy and human behavioral change processes
  • Help participants to reflect on what they really find important in life and what gives them energy
  • Manage participants through an emotional journey of their personal energy and how to get better at it
  • Understand and be able to lead discussions on what energy, resilience, stress and recovery means in daily practice
  • Facilitate reflection and action planning on personal challenges and energy balance
  • Be able to advise participants on their personal energy management strategies

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