Find balance and sustain energy levels

Our lives are busier than ever: crazy schedules, long hours, real-time demands… and on top of it, the global pandemic integrated all parts of our lives.
In these challenging times, we work one-on-one with your people to improve their energy and vitality at the workplace and to prevent burnout and other unnecessary absenteeism. Employees may struggle with their energy and experience stress for different reasons: managing work or family demands, working virtually, life phase, reorganizations and job insecurity, underlying physical or mental health or company management and culture. Next to this, energy is very personal and subjective: what drains energy from one person can energize another.
Energy management therefore requires an individual approach. Next to our signature program Energy for Life available for teams, we also work 1-1 on individual needs.

Our coaching programs are specifically meant for employees who:

  • Feel depleted and want their energy back
  • Experience lack of focus and direction in work and life
  • Feel isolated working from home
  • Feel overwhelmed with their work demands and want to get in control
  • Want to investigate their energy drainers and start managing them effectively
  • Keep getting frustrated with the same situation over and over and want to move beyond it
  • Know that if they continue they will Burnout but don’t know how to change
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Choose the depth you need

We offer 3 coaching journeys with increasing length and depth:

  • Energy check-inwhere do you stand, what energizes/drains you? Energy scan combined with a coaching session of 1.5 hours.
  • Recharge –  take a step back to understand and course correct your energy levels. 5 hours of 1-1 coaching to get you back on track.
  • Younitedevelop a strong navigation tool for work and life to guide your energy investments and balance stress and recovery. Understand your drains and mental blockers and take full control back to prevent burnout or falling back after burnout. – 10 hours of 1-1 coaching on personal energy challenges.

Sandrine Loiseau | Lead clinical data standards

Coachee Energy Management

“Yvon her coaching skills & expertise in energy management were a true gift! What I valued the most is that she did not make direct proposals, but she really made me think about what would be my solutions and she supported me figuring out what would work best for me.
Only small changes created a huge effect in my workday and private live and I felt more balanced very quickly.”


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