Find your internal compass to make the righ career choices!

This highly reflective session explores professional values and motivators as the foundation of a strong professional identity and starting point for more sustainable career choices.

The participants will answer questions like:
‘What is important to me in my career?’, ‘How do I view success?’ and ‘What keeps me satisfied and energized?’.
The workshop is available for all staff members on all levels. It fosters reflection on career/life purposes and drivers, assesses gaps, and defines the first steps towards more alignment.

After the workshop, participants will…

  • understand different forms of motivations and the role they play in navigating their own career,
  • uncover what subjective career success means to them,
  • have identified their personal career values and motives
    understand potential sources of tensions, frustration, or dissatisfaction,
  • have defined concrete action points to assess, shape and sustain their career in alignment with their values, motives and needs.
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Career self-management

Nowadays, knowing what you want out of your job and career is not enough. You need to make it all happen for you. Contemporary career management is all about self-management and adaptability. In fact, this is true for everyone, whether you are an independent or work within an organization. The question will be whether you are capable of staying relevant in the labor market and simultaneously find a match with what makes you happy professionally.

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