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Get certified on the first of a new generation of career questionnaires

In the 21st century, careers are dynamic. Unpredictable. Loyalty and job security can no longer be taken for granted. Success is subjective: different for everyone.

More than ever, individuals are looking for an in-depth reflection on their career. They need a personal action plan, adapted to this new career reality. Individuals are looking for tools to take their careers into their own hands – and after this training, YOU can guide them!

Whether you are a (career) coach, outplacement supervisor, HR specialist/recruiter, or assessors, the Career Fitness Profiler will give you insights on the motivations, self-management skills, and energy level of the people you work with.

You will have a strong baseline to facilitate conversations related to talent and succession management, career development, mobility, and stress/wellbeing.


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Career Fitness Profiler

Developed and validated by the University of Antwerp, the Career Fitness Profiler is an evidence-based questionnaire to facilitate conversations related to talent and succession management, career development, mobility, and stress/wellbeing.

It measures:

I. career values

II. how respondents actively manage their own career

III. their current energy levels.

The report uses a strong visual metaphor representing the 4 contemporary career skills as body parts, creating understanding and clear language to discuss career self-management.

It gives a very complete picture of where the participant is in their career today, what pitfalls may arise, and what development steps need to be taken to sustain career success, employability, and wellbeing.

Click here to download a sample report.

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Certification program objectives

After the program

  • participants have insight into the latest career science and different career models that exist
  • they understand the challenges that come with a contemporary approach to talent management
  • they have insight into the underlying scientific concepts of the Career Fitness Profiler questionnaire
  • they have learned how to interpret the individual reports
  • they have learned how to conduct a constructive feedback conversation with a respondent
  • they have insight into the different development and coaching forms that are used based on the results of the report

About the certification program

  • Developed by TalentLogiQs®, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, the questionnaires have been scientifically validated by Dr. Wouter Van Bockhaven and Prof. Jesse Segers
  • The training includes the latest research on contemporary careers – with an emphasis on subjective success, motivation, energy, and career management
  • Face to face format: 3 days including exam, plus homework assignments
  • Online format: self-study via our digital learning environment in combination with online group assignments and 6-9 virtual classroom sessions
  • Available both in-company – for HR professionals and career coaches – as well as on open registration

Inge Boelens | Consultant & coach

“This program was much more than a certification on a tool, it was a deep learning trajectory around motivation science, employability and mobility, and contemporary career-models. I particularly liked the practice on real cases, thus developing experience in clarifying unconscious career drivers and personal career expectations.”


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Sabine Mattheeussens | Managing Partner @ Teitu

“The blended learning solution for the Career Fitness Profiler certification training allowed me to organize my learning process in a flexible way. The learning platform was structured and the theoretical frameworks were introduced  in a comprehensive way.”

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