Kickstart employability agenda with your clients or in your organization

Careers today are dynamic, unpredictable and unique. Loyalty and job security can no longer be taken for granted and success is different for each individual.

  • Want to support individuals to own and steer their career in the 21st century?
  • Want to kickstart career ownership, mobility and employability agendas within your organization?

Learn how to facilitate the latest science on contemporary careers and career management attitudes and get ready to run the evidence-based Career Fit-Stop developed with the University of Antwerp. You will teach individuals and team leaders why and how to steer professional lives in order to remain employable, engaged and energetic at work.

This certification program is open to:

  • HR or Talent development professionals who wish to use the training content in their organization
  • Independent certified coaches and professional trainers who want to use this program with their own clients
  • HR, Coaching or Training free lancers who are interested to deliver this program via Zest for Work (check our partner up page for criteria)

With advanced consultation and coaching skills, excellent speaking and facilitation skills and strong interpersonal and relationship skills with individuals at all organizational levels.



  • Duration: 2,5 days + observation and practice spread across 3 to 6 months
  • Format: Participation in a Career Discovery workshop / 2-day train-the-trainer in person workshop / observe and practice / ½ day examination / final practice exam
  • Includes training on the Career Management Attitudes assessment tool
  • Price: 2700 Euro for open workshops including workshop materials and facilitator guide
  • Online format is not available

Certification requirements

  • Demonstrate excellent facilitation and communication skills
  • Demonstrate deep understanding of contemporary career models and associated tensions in today’s labor market
  • Manage tension and difficult participants effectively
  • Facilitate discussions around the new world of work and the impact on employees and managers
  • Demonstrate high energy and authenticity when in front of a group, both in class and online
  • Understand and be able to explain various notions around career success, motivators, and energy drivers
  • Understand what career self-management actually means and how it can be translated into concrete behavior
  • Be aware of the skills required to effectively manage careers, and know how to develop those skills


Sarah Tijskens | Certified to deliver the Career Fit-Stop Workshop

“Being certified as a trainer to deliver this workshop was a great add-on to my free lancing offering as an HR consultant and trainer. I loved to deliver that inspiring content and always got great feedback! The workshop was opening their eyes and offering them time to reflect on what taking ownership of their career meant.“


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