Defining unique trajectories

It is a fact: careers can no longer be managed by the organization. It’s up to employees to own their careers: only they can define where they want to go. But developing a vision and strategy is not an easy task. It requires clarity and proactivity around 4 main career self-management themes:

  • You. Who are you as a human being, what drives you, and which values are important, what kind of life do you want to lead, and how does work fit in with that?
  • Your work content and context. What work gives you energy? How does this link to the current reality of work and what opportunities exist in the current fast-changing labor market?
  • Your competencies, talents, skills. What do you already have in your backpack and what do you still need to develop?
  • Your career driving skills. Do you have the skills you need to manage your own career today and become self-directed? So that you end up where you want to be!

Our Career Coaching programs are specifically meant for individuals who:

  • want to develop a vision and strategy for their career,
  • are in a career transition due to a reorganization,
  • feel disengaged and stuck in their work,
  • want to take their career into their own hands.

According to each their needs and the space that is available, each coaching trajectory will be unique.

Choose the depth you need

We offer 3 coaching journeys with increasing length and depth:

  • Career Check-upwhere do I stand in my career? Career Fitness Profiler assessment and feedback session 1.5 hours
  • Career Directionwho am I, what do I want and how do I get there? Career guidance program 5 hours including Career Fitness Profiler
  • Career Powerdeveloping a strong professional identity and overcoming fears and mental blockers. Take control and get in action mode. Career guidance program 10 hours including Career Fitness Profiler

Read more about the Career Fitness Profiler

Career coaching Zest for work

Jasper van der Schoot | Coachee Career Development Advise

“Do you know that feeling when you ask yourself the question “What would I really like to do in the next 10 years?”. Which capacities do I want to capitalize on, which ones do I want to develop? And how can I best profile myself? With these questions I ended up at Yvon Golbach, Zest for Work. In only a few meetings she guided me in seeing my spot on the horizon sharply and the first steps I could take.”

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