A new pair of glasses to make your talents ready for their career conversations

The Career Check-Up with a certified professional is a kickstart for individuals to assess their current situation and needs related to their career. They will get a good sharp understanding of where  they stand and more importantly, it will bring concrete actional items on the table for them to start taking their career in their own hands.  

We recommend this powerful first step to organizations who want to: 

  • prepare their talents for career conversations
  • get constructive inputs for talent and succession planning meetings
  • encourage their staff to own their careers
  • to support their employees understand what career success means to them and get first commitments to move in that direction
  • help employees kick start career transitions

Participants will first fill in the Career Fitness Profiler : a 30 minutes self-reported questionnaire.
Then during a one-on-one 1.5-hours debriefing with a certified coach they will:

  • Understand what drives their satisfaction at work, what will make their career feel successful in their eyes
  • Assess how skilled they are to manage their own career today and become self-directed
  • Check what are their current energy levels to push their career forward
  • Identify key areas of risks and opportunities on their career journeys
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About the Career Fitness Profiler

The Career Fitness Profiler® Questionnaire developed at the university of Antwerp measures 3 scientifically validated models:

  1. Career values and subjective career success. This model shows the different motivators in the career and provides insight into one’s personal view on career success
  2. Career attitudes. The extent to which participants take control of their own careers and what they need to develop to steer their own careers succesfully
  3. The Energy – Stress balance. To what extent well-being can be found in the current job situation

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Nolwenn Hardman | HR Director

“The Career fitness profiler enabled me to identify a dimension where I was “stuck” – naming it enabled me to examine it and made me realize I was ready to lift the barrier that was preventing me from moving on. Caroline made me feel safe enough to express my apprehension and helped me to reflect on my motivators and differentiating factors….”

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Anonymous coachee | PWC

“In the past I have been rather reactive on career opportunities as they were simply rolling in every now and again but this helped me to be more proactive and it still helps me for opportunities here and now and even beyond. The debrief conversation really brought what was written on paper to life and translated it into a tool that I use and can still use in the future.”

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